Pre School

Welcome to St Joseph's Pre School
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Phonics resources:
Phonics games
Aspect 1- environmental sounds
Aspect 2- instrumental sounds
Aspect 3- body percussion
Aspect 4- Rhythm and rhyme 
Aspect 5- alliteration
Aspect 6- voice sounds
Aspect 7- oral blending and segmenting 
Phase 2 activities
If you are ever unsure of how to pronounce the sounds we learn during our phonics session, take a look at the video clip below.

Useful Links
This half term we are:
  • celebrating fireworks night - creating colourful, sparkly pictures, talking about our experiences, practising our descriptive language and learning how to keep safe.
  • remembering those gave their lives for us - making poppies and adding them to our altar display.
  • exploring Divali (the Festival of Lights)
  • celebrating Christmas - learning about the Nativity, creating decorations for the classroom and home and learning songs and rhymes.
Learning at home.
You can support your child's learning by encouraging the use of descriptive language using words such as sparkle, glitter, whizz, bang, loud, quiet, bright and colour names especially less usual colours such as silver and gold.
In the lead up to Christmas discuss the Nativity at home so the children are familiar with it. Encourage the understanding that Christmas is not all about presents and decorations but importantly about the birth of Jesus.
Events this term:
  • 09th November    Book Fair
  • 13th November    Children in Need Day - come dressed in your sports gear for a £1.00 donation.