About us

St Joseph’s School began its life in the church hall of St Joseph’s in 1933.  Staffed by two sisters from Holy Cross, it was originally a private school.  The parish hall continued to function as a school, until 1954, when six acres of land was located at the top of Priory Road.  With support from the Carmelite Province, the land was purchased and a new school built.

The new school (Key Stage 1 block) was officially opened on the 12th April, 1958.  Registers recorded 182 pupils, which rose significantly to 263 by the next year.  By 1961, the school could no longer house all the pupils and the parish hall became a school again.

On March 20th 1972, the new wing was officially opened (Key Stage 2 block). The schools became a First and Middle School, with two separate headteachers.  When middle schools were abolished, St Joseph’s combined to become St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School.

St Joseph’s is a two-form entry school, with an established pre-school.  We admit 30 pupils in each class at Reception and 32 pupils per class in Key Stage 2.  The school is in the parish of St Joseph’s Church and under the Diocese of Northampton.